About PHC:

PHC is a Pow/PoS/Masternode-based cryptocurrency to be used for affiliate opportunities, online marketing and decentralized currency exchanges.

What is Blockchain?

Bitcoin's security is based upon peer to peer consensus algorithms. A blockchain is a distributed database of transactions securely linked together using cryptography. Once a peer consensus is formed over the validity of the blocks on the chain, they become permenant and can't be altered.

What is mining?

Mining is when computers are set to generate blocks from the live transactions on the network.

Nodes verifying blocks on the network help secure it and are rewarded for their work.

What are Masternodes?

By investing into improving the PHC network infrastucture, you can earn up to 1000% APR (75% of network staking rewards)! 10,000 PHC collateral is required to run a full network node using a controller-slave dual wallet setup. This is an energy efficient alternative to mining with expensive equipment. Some of the special functions that these nodes perform are: Increasing privacy of transactions, Doing instant transactions, Participating in governance and voting, Enable budgeting and treasury system in cryptos. Masternodes are very attractive for crypto investors because of running a masternode you are earning a monthly or weekly interest on your crypto holdings.

Assisting new crypto-currency users get started with peer to peer profits.

What is staking?

If you mine coins, or purchase them - keep your wallet online with your coins available for staking.

This is similar to an interest account earning you daily returns for securing the P2P network. Trade your coins on an exchange or hold them!

How much are these coins worth?

Network hash-rates determine a large portion of the coin price, as well as difficulty. See Here to monitor the live-network. A general rule is to calculate approx how much electricity is used to generate a coin and increase that by a small profit margin.

A coin with long-term use qualities such as PHC, can also be considered a good store of value. Speculation can also be reflected by investors when trading based upon media, or technical improvements of the code base itself.

Hyper-inflation proof currency:

Because of the extra protections in place, enforced by the consensus protocol; It's very difficult to manipulate the market prices through Pump and Dump schemes.

Malicious users creating new coins from nothing through mining monopolies are no longer an issue, they can't crash the price like other coins in the past.

Genesis Date:

January 1, 2018



Max Supply

100,000,000 PHC (100 million)





Air Drop:


Block Spacing:

60 Seconds (1 minute)

Block Size (Max):

30 Megabytes

Difficulty Retarget:

2 Blocks

Dev Fee:


Stake Min-Age:

1 Hour

Stake Max-Age:


Masternode Collateral:

10,000 PHC

Mining Reward Distribution:

100% to the miner

Stake Reward Distribution:

75% to Master-nodes while 25% to Staking wallets.

Stake Combime Threshold:

100 PHC (default)

Stake Split Threshold:

Stake Combine Threshold * 2

New Features:

Firewall, Dynamic Block Rewards, Dynamic Distribution, Chain Shield & Buddy, Dyanmic Checkpoints, TurboSync & ASIC Choker

Use PHC:

Profit Hunters Coin can be used for various online and even offline purchases,
delivering quick, cheap and secure payment processing worldwide.

Secure Peer Payments

Payroll, loans, saleries, or more! Use it to purchase goods and services from locally owned businesses or give a few coins away as gifts.

Store of Value

Similar to gold/silver, PHC is a rare digital asset. Strict inflation limitations is what some consider attractive to hold long-term value.

Game Platform

Earn coins instantly for testing your skills or luck with mobile and desktop games, multi-player 3D, and soon regulated casinos and gambling.

P2P Exchange

We're developing a true decentralized exchange, directly exchange any coin with nodes and peers using the secure open-source PHC-DEX protocol.

P2P Social Network

Find new friends, participate in forums, blogs, content monetization, hosted pages and more! Still under development.

P2P Marketplace

Coming soon: Find merchants and services accepting PHC, jobs and freelancing, Profit Shares and crowd funding, legally registered securities.

PHC Wallet Core

The standard in next-generation crypto currencies based on Bitcoin code-base. Classic Core 8 stability with modern user-friendly features.

Proof of work, proof of stake and masternode mining, secure private messaging, InstantSend, and soon Multi-Signature GUI support, and more!

Firewall & TurboSync

Bitcoin Core 8 network processing has been upgraded with enhanced security, stability and up to 5X increase in syncronization speeds! Artificial Intelligence monitors connections in real-time; Banning and disconnecting peers with invalid, flooding or double-spending (51% attack) wallets.

Chain Shield & Buddy

Dynamic Checkpoints received from peers - assist Chain Shield & Buddy to determine the best fork and prevent malicious chain-splits. It securely replaces the vulnerable ChainActive and InitialBlockDownload features implemented into BTC Core 10+.

Dynamic Block Reward & Distribution

Blockchain immutability has been increased by requiring the block value to be determined by an algorithm dependend on the network-hashrate and difficulty. Centralized minining has been mitigated using Dynamic Distribution, ensuring fair even rewards are recieved.

ASIC Choker & CPU Mining

Ensuring that excessive mining rates are simply rejected from the network, working in conjuction with the above features; We bring back Satoshi's Vision of "1-CPU-1-Vote". Generate block rewards with one-click in the GUI using regular desktop/laptop computers! Run a full mining node daemon on mobile phones, RaspberryPI, proto-boards and IoT devices.


Do you have a new merchant or service that accepts PHC?
Contact us to get it listed here.


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Feel free to view some articles below.


We're always trying to make PHC more user friendly, please let us know how to improve.

Our Team

We're a quickly growing group of technology experts, traders, investors and entrepreneurs.

Development Team
Beta Testers

Justin K. Percy


"I think Bitcoin has been one of the most significant projects empowering people of all wealth classes, nationalities, and religions to cooperate." President of Biznatch Enterprises, serial entrepreneur, self-taught programmer / web-designer, inventor and supporter of renewable energy technologies, philanthropist and white-hat hacker.

Derek J. McMahon


Joining the team with extensive trading experience as a beta-tester, he brings unique perspectives for industry solutions. After learning the basics of Bitcoin and Blockchain, he began mining and testing unstable versions of DBR 3.0, an open-source supporter and Linux user, he quickly jumped on board the official team.


Core Programmer

Bringing his experience from Bitcoin, FxTC, Veles and other crypto projects he's working on some really exciting improvements to upgrade the code base. Some of those new upgrades include: Upgrading to Bitcoin Core 18+, PHC-DEX integration within the wallet, multi-chain capabilities to use many alt-coins in the same wallet.



Developer of a the Masternode Setup script, and Solus Block Explorer


Mr. X





Developer of a the PHC Docker Image



Willing to learn new skills to become a valuable team member and assist others wanting to learn & earn profits. A beginner to crypto currencies, he's focusing improving a new introduction to the industry. Connecting virtual and real-life together, with user-friendly GUI designs, guides and tips.



Official Discord Server




Official Discord Server



Founder of Bank Society Coin























Contact Administration through e-mail

Recent Accomplishments

Biznatch Enterprises develops Bitcoin Firewall integrated into BATA. (Bitcoin Core 10)

World's first artificially intelligent P2P attack protection tested and confirmed effective for double-spend (>51%) attempts.

A small group of developers created Dynamic Block Rewards as an added attack deterrent, improving the chain security in the process as shown on an independent test-net. Built on the foundations of Bitcoin, Litecoin, PeerCoin, NovaCoin, CraveProject, Dash Masternodes, XUVcoin, BATA, and Crypostle to help further advance the field of crypto-currency.

PHC Main-net established. Bitcoin Firewall and Dynamic Block Rewards integrated into XUV/Crave.

Small group of testers grows into a public announcement and full launch in the industry. wallet development. Massive code overhaul and new features integrated.

TurboSync, Firewall Upgrade, Chain Shield & Buddy, Dynamic Block Distribution, ASIC Choker and CPU mining. wallet development & testing.

DEX & EZE-Database development.

Roadmap / Timeline Progress

Core Development
DEX Development
Social Network
Game Platform & Marketplace
Marketing Campaigns

Future Goals

Testing all new upgrades, existing features and cleanup core code. Upgrade to gitian and autogen building scripts.
Prototype testings, security audit, final review, and documentation
Peer to Peer social network, including blogs, forums, private messages, profiles and more.
Get paid to play games, win through gambling and purchase goods and services through a peer to peer network.
Paid advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization, landing pages, and walkthrough tutorials and videos.

November 1, 2017

Dynamic Block Rewards 1.0
Integrated into Dash 12.1 as Pre-TestNet

December 1, 2017

Dynamic Block Rewards 2.0
Integrated into XUV/Crave as Testnet

December 25, 2018

Bitcoin Firewall 1.1 & DBR 3.0
Ported from BATA (Bitcoin Core 10) to XUV (Bitcoin Core 8), Dynamic Block Rewards 2.0 upgraded to 3.0

January 1, 2018

Genesis Block
Main-Net launched with Beta testers from BATA.

January 19 2018

Official Public Announcement

January 22, 2018

Website Launched
Domain registered, Website Launched

February 3, 2018

Exchange Service #1
Added to MasternodeXchange.com

February 5, 2018

Exchange Service #2
Added to Graviex.net

March 13, 2019

1 TH/s Attack
Unsuccessful double-spend attempt, 0 losses reported.

April 1, 2018

Whitepaper release
General Project outline (DRAFT)

April 19, 2018
Stable release of core wallet

July 13, 2018

Announcement of PHC-DEX with whitepaper

February 3, 2019

CPU Miner Integration
Ported CPU-miner from Bitcoin Core 10+ back into Core 8

February 23, 2019

Block Shield & ASIC Choker
Ensure CPU mining is efficient and profitable

March 5, 2019

Dynamic Checkpoints 1.0
P2P live-updated chain checkpoints

March 11, 2019

Chain Shield & Buddy
Secure replacement for ChainActive & IBD

March 11, 2019

Initial development completed, began testing

June 1, 2019

New Website
New Website development began

July 4, 2019

New Website
New Website launched

July 22, 2019

Android Daemon
PHCd compiled using Termux