Profit Hunters Coin Masternodes

Upgrading your VPS (Slave Wallet)

Step 1a - Fresh Source Code: (Option 1)

Login to your VPS (Putty)

phcd stop
rm -R phc
git clone
cd phc

Step 1b - Update Source Code: (Option 2)

Login to your VPS (Putty)

phcd stop
cd phc
git pull

Step 2 - Compile Source Code:

make clean
cd src
make -f makefile.unix

Step 3 - Install new binary:

cp phcd /usr/bin

Step 4 - Run new binary:


Step 5 - Verify new version:

phcd getinfo

Step 6 - Start your MN using your controller wallet (GUI):

Step 7 - Verify masternode is restarted and active:

phcd masternode debug

Above should output: "Started Remotely..."

Step 8 - Logout of Putty