PHC achieves massive decentralization & scaling on Android mobile devices

Published: July 23, 2019 (Medium)

1 minute read

Theoretical: Bitcoin Node — Posted by Hotschmoe (3 months ago) [1]

PRESS RELEASE — July 22, 2019 Profit Hunters Coin developers announce successful build and compile of PHC Daemon on a Samsung A5 using Termux (Available in Google Play)

This signals an aggressive effort for pushing the PHC project further into decentralization never before seen, enabling native mobile Android apps to communicate with a safe local wallet for user transactions. This will further enhance merchant adoption through micro-payment processing on mobile devices or compact POS-Terminals similar to Credit Card or Debit Card use today.

Enabled with our ASIC Choker & Dynamic Distribution hard fork, users will also be able to mine full blocks using their idle CPU processing time directly on their phone or tablets; 1 -CPU-1-Vote, Satoshi’s true vision!

We’re focused on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with crypto-currency technology, releasing never before seen or used solutions.