The Bitcoin Cash Grab

Published: Sep 1, 2018 (Medium)

2 minute read

Dr. Craig Steven Wright are you delusional?

For someone who claims to be Satoshi, you fail to understand the “limited nature” of Bitcoin is the consensus among all participants. Satoshi ‘himself’ is not the powerful leader you’re attempting to become. The evidence proves true, as you undermined the very nature of Bitcoin. By not only stealing the name, but along with it… All of Bitcoin’s history of transactions then re-branding it as a new project! A shameful attempt to “restore Satoshi’s vision” was very obvious to those who truly understand what the original whitepaper was presenting to the world, as a gift. You’re selling that gift for your own personal profit. What’s even more appalling… Is how many people believed your outright lies and deception. It was an obvious “cash grab” from Bitcoin’s growing market-cap. Exchanges supporting your scam: awarded market participants X2 of their Bitcoins instantly into their accounts. Not everyone is blind to your corruption, they’re starting to see that now.

This heist of value was intentional, your continued disconnected actions devalue Bitcoin, by the simple fact that you broke the algorithm of consensus for controlled inflation. You claim this was for technological reasons and yet fail to understand that creating a new genesis block and coming up with your own trademark name, carefully building the community support around it and earning investor trust; Is what would earn you true respect among this industry.

So when you “invented” the “main part of Bitcoin” as you claimed in a live TV broadcast, I am wondering what code are you responsible for writing, was that main.cpp? Or do you simply use this media attention to push your own centralized version of decentralization? Good job on that! After switching Satoshi’s persona to your own, you then switched hashing algorithms and called that a brand new coin. You also shifted ASIC mining to GPU (in my opinion that’s the same thing), but you failed to protect your network from recent 51% attacks.

People lost real money and you’re now concerned about OP_CODE and nLockTime security, please take a look at your source code a little more to find the countless other issues that are just waiting to be exploited, before your project is taken back from you by the people you stole it from. Consider this a gentle warning…